From time to time visits, to places of interest to members are arranged. These may be to libraries, research centres or Christian organisations, normally with an information or research connection of some kind. Recent visits include Lambeth Palace, Christian Research, the Evangelical Alliance and Tearfund.


The British Museum
On Tuesday 22nd May, the Rev. Clive Anderson, co-author of Through the British Museum – with the Bible (Day One Publications, 2004) and the Rev. Brian Edwards, led a tour for over 40 members and friends of LCF on what was probably the best supported visit in our history. The tour included exhibits which throw light on the Biblical narratives or provide information to help us understand the Old and New Testament texts.

The Wesleys’ Oxford
We also plan to arrange another walking tour of Oxford – this time focusing on the city’s links with John and Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist movement. This will be on a weekday in September.

Watch this space for further details.

Here is some background information from the Methodist Recorder. The Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford also has a page about John Wesley and Oxford.