Work Parties

From time to time working parties are set up to consider current issues in librarianship from a Christian viewpoint.

Sunday Opening of Libraries

IN 1996 this working party produced a paper in response to the review of the Public Library Service in England and Wales Published by ASLIB ( the Association for Information Management) for the Department of National Heritage in 1995. This paper has since been revised and is available here.

Children and Young People’s Literature

The Working party on trends in children’s & young people’s literature chaired by Ngaio Malcolm, was originally set up in 1985. The resulting report on trends in publishing for children and young people, published in 1989 has been one of our most successful. A copy of Ngaio Malcolm’s article, A great gulf fixed? Christian and humanist values in children’s books, published in Christian Librarian No. 13, 1989 is now available on the Christian website, Amen.

The 1996 Annual Conference decided that an update should be produced and two reports by Ngaio Malcolm were subsequently published.

  • Children’s Books in the Age of Pluralism, Christian Librarian, No. 22,1998
  • Still Reading Books: teenage approaches, Christian Librarian No. 27, 2003 This paper includes a listing of books suitable for teenagers selected by members of the working party.


Library Management

The Working party on issues in library management was set up following the 1996 Annual Conference and the first meeting was held on 13 December 1997. A report by Margaret Keeling, co-ordinator of the working party, exploring several issues of concern was published in Christian Librarian No. 25, 2001 and can be downloaded in pdf formathere.

A shorter article entitled:
” A Christian Approach to Management and Work”
by Professor Ken Bakewell was published in Christian Librarian No. 28, 2004 is also available.